About Us

Founded in 2008, The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey promotes the learning of Philippine languages and arts, and the understanding of its rich culture, values and tradition.

The school is open to all regardless of race, religion or creed. We offer programs for students of all ages. Activities are designed to provide a positive and enriching learning experience in the classroom and in the community.

Our mission…
… Is to promote a keen understanding and appreciation of Philippine and Filipino American history, language, arts, and culture, and to encourage its preservation through education.

Our vision…
… Is to foster individual growth and self-awareness within members of the Filipino and Filipino American community by:

  • Developing a sense of pride in one’s own self-identity as a Filipino, or being of Filipino heritage;
  • Valuing and respecting differences between Filipino and American culture;
  • Understanding generational differences between parents and their children, and ways to strengthen these relationships; and
  • Acquiring important basic skills needed to mature into an able, contributing adult of society.